Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You know always send us a email to tell us about anything that is bothering you. However, we do like some compliments aswel!

Where can I order the sweaters?

Our products are manufactured and shipped by the Teespring company in the United Kingdom. By clicking on the product you want to buy. You get redirected instantly to our storefront at Teespring. From thereon you can choose your Size and Color.

What size should I order?

What is the Delivery Time of my product?

Depending on the country you live in, average shipping will take:

-United Kingdom: 7-12 Workdays
-France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden: 7-12 Workdays
-The rest of the European Union: 10-16 Workdays
-United states of America & Canada: 15-22 Workdays
-Global: 15-22 Workdays

We manufacture our clothes in batches by demand. Therefore delivery time can vary.

My product is: Damaged, Low-res printed…

We are sorry to hear that your product is not what you had expected after a long delivery time.
You can contact Teespring at